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Explore Cyprus and discover the island’s rich culture and long history of 11000 years, multiple adventurous activities, cultural events and traditional customs,  museums, archaeological and religious sites with some being listed on the World heritage sites and protected by UNESCO, cultural routes, wine routes, monuments, scenic landscapes, pictureful traditional mountain villages, hike in the woods and find the hidden waterfalls!, tasting Cyprus local wine & traditional and authentic dishes.  Cyprus has all those ‘ingredients’ that comprise a beautiful and exciting fairytale or an adventurous and fascinating

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Top Destinations in Cyprus

Troodos Mountains & Cyprus Rural Villages

Troodos Mountains & Cyprus Rural Villages

Troodos Mountains & Rural Villages is Cyprus special and unique destination away from the tourist areas, the Cyprus countryside has a diverse wealth of its own with traditional villages, vineyards and wineries, tiny fresco-painted churches, remote forests. Enjoy a different kind of holiday in Cyprus off the beaten track in peace and tranquility by staying in a restored traditional house or a hotel in one of the island’s many picturesque villages and scents of the green heart of Cyprus …