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Adventure Safari

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Specific Tour

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100 people




All day joyful and fun filled time spent surfing the waves of the Mediterranean Sea! Any day will turn to a real holiday when you decide to make a sea voyage and to take advantage of the wonderful sunny weather.

– The beautiful Red cliffs – they are Cypriot Sea Eagles choose to inhabit.
– The intriguing caves of Cape Pyla where there is a chance to see Dolphins.
– Fishing farm in the open sea, where the Cypriot delicacy “Tzipura” fish are bred.
– The amazing white sandy beaches of Ayia Napa lining the incredible crystal clear blue waters.
– “Pirate Caves” a complex of sea caves used in ancient times by pirates and smugglers.
– Passing under the natural Rock Bridge.
– The “Sea Palace” caves built of stalactites and stalagmites, which have joined together.
– Cape Grekko, the furthest southeasterly point of the Island.
– Leaving behind the Cape we will stop at one of the bays for swimming, snorkeling, feeding the fish


  • Maximum people per excursion – 100 people
  • Minimum people per excursion – 60 people


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