he Holy Monastery is in the north of Larnaca at a small distance from it. It is very close to Troulloi village and Oroklini Village. The Agios Geogios Mavrovouniou Monastery (Saint George of the Black Hill), The beginning of this monastery’s beginning is actually unknown, but there is some evidence to suggest it was originally built in the 11th century. The church was restored in the 18th century and took roughly its present shape. Life at the convent finally resumed in 1996 where it became an active monastery for men. At the beginning 3 monks, together with Father Symeon, started to restore the monastery, and few more monks have joined them later.

Today seven monks live in the Monastery. There is a miracle-working icon of Saint George here which has performed many miracles since it was found and restored. A description of the Monastery is given by Russian monk Vasilios Mparski who visited it in December 1735 and says that the church was arounder by trees and that the inhabitants were silk producers and animal breeders.  The monastery of Saint George of the Black Hill is, therefore, a place for those who are spiritually inclined, as well as a place of exploration and study for amateur or professional geologists.