The Akamas Peninsula occupies the north-west corner of Cyprus. It is an extensive, almost pristine coastal area bounded by the coastline starting from the Baths of Aphrodite through Cape Arnaoutis and ends in Agios Georgios Pegeia. Inland it is bounded by the villages of Pegeia, Kathikas, Arodes, Inia, Drouseia, Antrolykou and Neo Chorio and it covers an area of about 17,000 hectares, of which 7,000 are state forests.

Akamas is uniquely beautiful with rich biodiversity, impressive geological formations, pristine beaches and a rich historical and cultural tradition, satisfying the interests of the most demanding visitors for hiking, biking, nature study, photography, swimming, diving e.t.c..

The Akamas Peninsula is part of the NATURA 2000 European network of protected areas as a unique biotope with a rich and rare flora and fauna.


The rocks that we find in Akamas represent almost all the geological formations encountered in other areas of Cyprus. Rocks of the Troodos Ophiolite Complex form the backbone of the Akamas Peninsula with sporadic surface appearances of mostly diabasic and plutonic rocks and serpentinites.

Scattered rocks of the Mamonia Complex are evident in the Akamas landscape creating unique geological formations such as the impressive rocks of quartz sandstone at Drouseia and Inia. We can also find clays belonging to the Mamonia complex and autochthonous sediments of chalks and marls of the Lefkara and Pachna formations. Erosion of sedimentary rocks has created many gorges with Avakas being the most impressive.

The coastline of Akamas is dominated by calcitic sandstones (Aiolianites) formed during the glacial period in the last 100,000 years. Very characteristic here are the raised marine terraces. Each ledge represents an old coastline formed by the action of waves and raised as a result of lifting of Cyprus.

The complex geology along the coastline of Akamas has created a multitude of small and large bays, beautiful sandy beaches, dunes, cliffs, sea caves and islets.

Amongst the islands of the Akamas is Geronisos (Agios Georgios, Pegeia), the second largest island of Cyprus.